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Defer Taxes with a 1031 Exchange

Take advantage of a 1031 Exchange to a Delaware Statutory Trust!

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If you are considering a 1031 exchange transaction or just want to learn more about these powerful tax-deferred investment options, you’ll find this eBook to be informative and essential reading.

Inside, you’ll learn about important topics like:

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  • Advantages of the DST structure

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Potential Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

More To Invest

Deferring capital gains tax allows the exchanger to reinvest the amount that would otherwise be paid to the federal government.

Less Management

Utilizing a DST offers investors the chance to exchange a property they actively manage for a passive ownership property. Simply put, you can keep the income property but lose the day-to-day management responsibilities.


One property can be exchanged into many properties through a DST as long as the replacement investments are equal to or greater than the proceeds received from the sale of the original property.

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1031 Exchange Process | Bangerter Financial Services


Owner (Exchanger) decides to sell Investment Property & notifies a Qualified Intermediary (aka QI or Accommodator) of exchange prior to the close of the sale.


Proceeds from the sale are transferred to Qualified Intermediary.


Exchanger Identifies Replacement Property(ies) within 45 days of sale and notifies QI.


Funds are transferred to seller of Replacement Property(ies). Exchanger has 180 days to close on new Property(ies).


Day 0

45 day period to identify replacement property(ies).

Must Identify
By Date

Day 45

Exchanger must close on replacement investment property(ies) within 180 days of the closing date of the property that was sold.

Must Close
By Date

Day 180

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Is a 1031 Exchange to Delaware Statutory Trust Right for You?

1031 Exchange Benefits

Real Estate investors are able to exchange like-kind properties for business or investment and defer capital gains taxes. Payment of capital gains tax is deferred until property is sold with no re-investment.


A Qualified Intermediary is required to control the net sale proceeds of the property exchange. In addition, the investment in the replacement property must be equal to or greater than the cash received from the sale of the original property.


A Delaware Statutory Trust is a separate legal entity formed as a trust under Delaware law. An Investor can use a beneficial interest in a DST as replacement property in a 1031 tax deferred exchange.



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